Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekend Fun

This weekend was a hodge podge of things, and I spent most of it by myself.  I worked late on Friday night (from home).  When I finally finished, I cleaned up the last remaining holiday decorations and got them to the basement.  The house always looks naked in January so I got out some Valentine's Day things.

I took in a midday matinee on Saturday.  Silver Lining Playbook lived up to all it's nominations.  Parts were also filmed not too far away.  It was neat to see places I know in the movie.  If you haven't already, spend the money and go see this one. 

Sunday, I made a trip to Target.  Its my happy place.  Their new stuff has prompted a mini kitchen make over.   I mean look at these salt & pepper shakers?

If these look familiar its because you may have seen the Anthro version {here}.  I wasn't going to bring these guys home until I figured out what to put in them.  It only took me a little bit to decide - (left to right) tea bags, water flavor sticks, k-cups.  Yes, now they are a necessity.

Girls night dinner with Wendy!  Finished off with a frosty on the chilly winter night.

Finished off the weekend with a little shopping at Kate Spade.  I couldn't pass us that iPhone case!  I mean it's perfect :) Also picked up a passport cover thanks to some great MLK deals.

Have a great week!

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