Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Fun

I spent all day Saturday with my aunt, my godmother, one of my best friends.  We talk almost every day!  I am glad we have the relationship we do.  She is redoing 2 guest rooms in her house each with their own bath.

We loved this color combo at Bloomingdales.  The iphone pic just doesn't do it justice.  

After a full day of shopping, we went out to dinner.  Only thing I bought was a bathing suit, which I think is going back already.  I thought it would look better in my mirror at home. The lighting in the fitting rooms is never friendly - why is that?  Anyway, I couldn't make a decision on beer for the night so the waitress brought me all sorts of samples.  It was like a mini beer buffet!

Margarita night cap?  Yes, please!  My uncle makes THE best margaritas!  He will not share the recipe.  I did ask him if he would write it in his will, could you imagine.  It would be kinda funny.  I will get it out of him.  He always makes them down at the bar or in another room.  But they are so delicious!

Sunday was a relaxing day.  I did a little "educational" reading...haha  I don't know that I learned anything exciting.

Finished off the weekend with a simple pasta dinner and a glass of wine and of course some Bravo TV :)

Is it Friday yet??

Friday, April 26, 2013

I Scream

You Scream, we all scream for...

Ice cream is a good friend of mine.  Always there when I need it and always makes me feel better!

Some choose wine at the end of a bad day but most of the time a big bowl of ice cream or a milkshake does it for me.

When I was little my parents would let us have a bowl of ice cream before bed.  When we finished eating we had to go upstairs.  It was then I learned that "souping it up" not only changed the color of the ice cream depending on the sprinkles or jimmies, but gave us some extra time before we had to go to bed.  I am a plain Jane and good old vanilla bean is my favorite flavor.  Some times on its own, with sprinkles or some chocolate syrup.  Yumm...

Speaking of sprinkles and jimmies - there is a very scientific different between the two.  Sprinkles are the sugar crystal like one that top your treat, while jimmies are the long, slender usually more colorful topping.  I prefer jimmies on my soft serve - nothing like a twist cone with rainbow jimmies on the boardwalk in the summer.  And the sprinkles are better on the ice cream from the freezer.

What can I say, ice cream takes me to a happy place.  Thankfully I do have some self control and don't go overboard on my intake of the daily dessert.  

images via {Pinterest}

How do you like your ice cream?

Thursday, April 25, 2013

New and maybe improved

Things look a little different here today.  I changed the name of the blog.  When I started I didn't know what this would really be.  I am still not sure but it's about anything and nothing and everything in between.  So I think the new title suites not only this blog but me a lot better.  Anything goes now.  Not that it didn't before, but I thought I needed to have a plan and an identity going into this.  Right now I am trying to figure out who I am.  There will be a lot of trial and error as we go along here but I am hoping it will be entertaining at the least.  So I hope you will come along for the ride.

Friday, April 19, 2013

It continues

A city on lockdown, one suspect dead, one on the run... My thoughts are with those still recovering and the city that is waiting for this to end.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Thoughts & Prayers

Having worked the Houston marathon earlier this year and knowing my sister would have been working the finish line this one hit close to home today. Thoughts and prayers to those runners, spectators, staffers, volunteers and their families that were involved in today's tragic events.


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Birthday Week Recap

If I didn't get this done today, it wouldn't happen.  The Twin left on Sunday and I left for a work trip to Boston on Monday morning.  Finally home and back on my couch - it is one of my favorite places to be.

What a great table to wake up to!

Cupcake for breakfast - absolutely! 

On our actual day of birth I had to work, but we did meet our mom and aunt for lunch.  The company was much better then the food.  For dinner Mom, Dad, Sis and Nephew and my neighbor cousin came over for Chinese food!  Great, no stress b-day dinner.

Of course after dinner there was cake and singing...

I took vacation at the end of the week to spend some time with the Twin.  We did some shopping at Anthro, Ikea and the mall.  Too bad there was no "I" mug, but you get the idea.

Thats my present from my parents, a new floor mirror!

And here it is in its new home in my master bedroom.  Between shopping and this picture, the Twin and I went and got blowouts.  It was a first for me and while my hair was a little more curly then I wanted, I will def do it again. Someday I will wear something besides a white T, I don't even want to count how many are in the drawer (they are all different, just so you know)

Friday night we went to XFinity Live, which is right across the street from the ballpark and it was opening day.  I would like to think all these people wanted to celebrate our birthday.  We had a blast and thanks to another cousin we got to hang out in VIP, above the shit show that was below.

First ever shotski and I think I may need to make one!

Birthday girls!

Saturday morning we had a family photo session.  The pictures are our gift to Mom for Mother's Day.  I am not crazy about how I look but I am never am...

How adorable is my nephew?  The shot below is one of my favorites from the day.  We had such a great time.  

Our last night we spent at the baseball game.  It was the best champagne tailgate with the worst champagne ever.  But the hotdogs were fantastic!  We had a good time and the Phils won with a walk off :)

I had a great time with the Twin and my family.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Back to Life

The weekend went so fast and I even added 2 days, I took off Thur and Fri to spend with the Twin. I'll have my full recap of birthday week later. I had to catch an early flight this morning. Back to reality...

But my hotel for tonight had Chinese food for room service! Best.Thing.Ever. All hotels should do this!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Day of Birth

Today is my birthday and the start of a long weekend! Back with details later. Hanging out with Twin today!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Girls Night In

I am trying to cram a lot of things into the short time the Twin is home.  Since she doesn't get home that often one of the aunts suggested a girls night.  There are lots of girls in the family and most live pretty close.  So I decided to have everyone over on Easter Eve.  Knowing Easter would be crazy and you don't get to talk to everyone.  Plus I love any excuse to have people over.

I am so happy with how everything turned out.  I am a believer that it is all the small details that really make an even special.  Cupcakes are the only thing missing from this picture.  They were getting the final touches.  There is no motivation like procrastination.

This was also the kick off to birthday week.  The streamers looked fun as a little cake, I had planned to hang them but liked that so much I left them that way.  The letters are basket tags from Target.  The large frame is a quote from Audrey Hepburn.  It is one of my favorites.

We carried our pink theme over to the drinks and had Raspberry Sparkletini, a Riesling and some Cupcake Perseco and had Raspberry Lemonade and Banana Orange Strawberry juice as mixers.

Everyone brought a snack/app to share and that worked out wonderfully.  We had buffalo chicken dip, corn and black bean salsa, burchetta, spinach dip, fruit and chicken salad.  There wasn't much left : )

I had mason jars lining my walk outside with tea lights.  Not the best picture but you get the idea.  I live in a condo so when I do this there is no missing where the party is, its the equivalent of balloons on the mailbox.

I ordered most everything from Etsy -  {Garland}{Streamers}

The goodies bags were from {Shop Sweet Lulu}.  The glitter nail files are from Target!  They were in the party section and came six to a pack.  There were also silver ones but they didn't go with my color scheme.  I also put a mini bottle of vodka in each bag it was called Little Black Dress (sorry no picture) and a Crystal Light water mixer.  Not much, but I wanted everyone to leave with something.

It was a nice night to get together without worry about the kiddies running around or preparing dinner, which happens at the holidays.  I think there will be some more of these in the future!

You can see all my inspiration and ideas on the {Pinterest} board I created just for this.  It was secrete up until today so everything was a surprise!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Weekend Fun ~ Easter edition ✞

Friday night we (Twin and I) ran to Target, like we need a reason.  We picked up some last minute things for Girls Night In - more on that later this week.  If you follow me on {Instagram} you already saw a sneak peak.

This weekend was super busy but I did find time to sleep in on Sunday morning.  I had fully planned on going to church with my parents but woke up to the alarm and a text that said they went to an earlier mass because my nephew was up very early.  (mass had already started by the time I got the text) So I took that to mean I could sleep in : )

Nephew's Easter Goodies

We had an indoor egg hunt because the weather did not cooperate.  But the kiddies had a good time.  The littler ones didn't quite get it but maybe next year.

After the kiddie egg hunt we had full well planned to have an adult hunt but could not find eggs big enough to fit our mini vodkas.  So we just put them all in a bag and had everyone put their hand in and pick at the same time.  It was fun, some were a little confused but why should the kids have all the fun?

I love Easter because it is the unofficial kick off to spring and summer picnics and BBQs.  We had all the best sides yesterday - pasta salad, potato salad, deviled eggs, green bean salad and it was all so yummy!

Yesterday also kicked off birthday week!  Can't wait for the rest of the week.  Don't you all celebrate for an entire week?

PS - Today is also Opening Day!