Thursday, January 31, 2013

Black is the

I mentioned yesterday I have some projects on my to do list.  Eventually I will get to actually making the list.  But the list in my head starts with my bedroom.  I never quite finished it when I moved in 3 years ago.  Ok, honestly, I don't know that any room is finished.  I think I am just starting to determine what my "style" really is, but please don't ask me to describe it.

I shared the beginning of my plan for my gallery wall {here}.  I want this bedroom to be a real grown up bedroom with an actual bed, not just the bed frame that comes with the mattress.  Art on the walls that isn't held up by take or sticky goo (you know you used this in college when you couldn't put holes in the wall).  I'd like a bed with a higher back similar to the below.  Best part - no bed skirt!

The room right now is a lighter grey on 3 walls and 1 shade darker on the wall where the bed is.  You can only tell the difference if I point it out.  Not the contrast I was going for.  It actually looks much darker in this picture then in real life.  

In this next round I think I want dramatic color on the wall.  What is more dramatic then black??  Here are some inspiration pictures from my {Pinterest} page.  (All original sources can be found there)

 The question is do I paint all the walls black or just the wall where the bed will be and paint the rest white?  What do you guys think?

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