Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Stop and stare

Sometimes you just need to stop and admire the view.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Weekend fun ~ Halloween edition

What a great fall weekend.  I got the house all ready for Halloween.  There is something about the search for the perfect pumpkin, it is like training for finding the perfect Christmas tree!
(my apologies for the not so great iPhone photos)

These beauties came from a local stand that is set up in a shopping center parking lot.  Their prices were fantastic.

J decided to go in through the back this year rather then the normal "lid" method.  

Pumpkins = love 
Pumpkin guts = not so much

Time for the face!

This may be the best Jack O Lantern I have ever been a part of (I didn't do much, don't be fooled)

The front steps set up (the stand was part of a bird feeder I trash picked, 
I mean repurposed from my neighbor)

Who doesn't love a little Sunday shopping at Target :)

Most of my decorations came from Target and the dollar section to boot!  The dollar section is my friend.  This is my first time doing it up for Halloween, I stuck with a black and orange theme.  
I may make some tweaks between now and the end of the month. 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hello Crock Pot

Did you ever want to do something but keep putting it off and then when you finally do you think "why didn't I do this sooner?!?"  That was me with my crock pot.  I got one for Christmas 2 years ago! And just took it out of the box this week.  

I was cooking for my parents and grandparents for our weekly "old people night"  That is when my Mom's Dad and my Dad's Mom join us for dinner. It started when my Mom's Mom passed away to get my Gpop out of the house.  When my Dad's Dad passed away in Februrary of 2011 it seemed to make sense that my Gmom joined in the weekly fun.  

I decided on pot roast.  I picked up a 5.5 lb rump roast, carrots, potatoes, onions and McCormick Slow Cooker seasonings. 

You mix the seasonings with a cup of water. 

I peeled the veggies and cut them in half.  Then you out everything in the crock pot, pour the seasonings mixture over everything.  Cook on low for 8 hours and enjoy!

Now, I will say I think this was pretty fool proof and that I really couldn't screw it up.  But it still felt good that everyone enjoyed and went back for second helpings.  

I think I need to become better friends with my crock pot!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekend fun

Kicked off the first weekend of fall with a few of my fall favorites...and a full moon!  I think it was the harvest moon to be exact.  

Went to see the boats one last time

quick storm but the sun found it's way back out

First fall fire!

Best I could get of the moon