Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Letting Go

Walking away from something is never easy, walking away from someone is even harder.  You want to hold on, to only think of the good times because it is easier to remember those.  But it's the challenging times, the times you had your feelings hurt, that will make it easier to let go.  

J and I will hopefully be able to be friends in the future.  I did/do value the friendship we had before we started dating.  Getting along was never the problem.  We always enjoyed the time we spent together and when we first started hanging out we would just laugh all the time.  That laughter came less and less over the last few months.  There were other things going on for both of us that caused stress, and we let that interfere in our relationship.  And you never know what the future may bring, but right now, we are not right for each other anymore.  

I know I have been mopey lately, even know my head knows this is for the best, my heart hasn't got the message yet.  Soon I hope soon.  I have made a long list of projects to keep me busy.  I also am going to make a better effort to see friends that I haven't seen and try some new things.  

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