Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Weekend Fun ~ Almost

So this weekend I tackled my basement.  I have big plans for down there, but before I could even start to think about anything I needed to organize and clean up.  This is not all mine, by the way.  Both of my sisters are "storing" items from moves out of different places in the last 3 years.  The twin has moved twice since I have been in my place - from Indy to Stamford, CT (with 3 month delay in-between) and Stamford, CT to Houston.  For the latter move, she only took what fit in her 2 door Civic.  Everything else came here!  I was able to sell some of the bigger items at a family yard sale in the fall. Otherwise this would have looked much worse.

There used to be just enough room to get to the back door and move some things around if needed.

I spent a good day down here, thank goodness for good music to keep me going!  (pillows on the couch are for effect, had to make it look good).  I plan to add a curtain of some sort to hide my newly condensed storage area.

This will be my future home office.  I work from home some days and right now my desk is in the guest room.  I am running out of room (code for its always a mess) And I don't want to have to see my work on the weekends all the time.  You need vision, but just imagine some paint and fun accessories and this will be perfect...well as close to perfect as I can get without adding a room upstairs.

And this is what's left.  I need to do a little more work back here but this is better then it was so I am ok with it for now. 

After all that hard work on Saturday, I did absolutely nothing on Sunday.  I went to my folks for dinner and some quality time with the family, including my nephew.  Cutest kid ever, sorry but it's true. 

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