Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend Fun

So Friday night I go to do a load of wash and my washer does not cooperate! Ugh...not what I wanted. Luckily I did find the books the old owners left for me.  But the trouble shooting didn't work. So I called the repair man and he will be here later this week to hopefully fix it.

Saturday I did some shopping.  I stopped in Anthro and picked up a book to flip through.  They always have the best books amount other things.  And of all the pages I could have flipped to, the quote below is what was staring back at me.   Sometimes life has a way of putting things right out there for you.  I should say that I don't think J was a bad man, he just may not be the one for me.

We went out for my cousin's boyfriend's birthday.  The night started out in the day.  We left for dinner at 4:30!  It was chilly out but that didn't stop me from breaking out some neon pink.

We had dinner at one of my favorite bars - Chickie's & Pete's.  They have the best crab fried - not to be confused with crabby fries or old bay fries, those just don't compare.  And melted american cheese...YUM

Our beers were still dressed for St. Pat's but that was ok.  It was cold and that's all that matters.  After dinner we went to a comedy show.  Josh Wolf from Chelsea Lately was the main act and he was hilarious.  I would definitely see him again.

Sunday my nephew came over to play at my house while my sister ran some errands.  We had a very colorful pretend picnic.  See my pink bucket in the background there?  One of my best ideas ever!

This barn is one of his favorites.  It plays music and makes animals noises and he sat there for the longest time.  He also likes that he can sit there and see out the window.  He can't see out the ones at home.  

Its still cold here - that damn groundhog was wrong!  But that didn't stop a grill full of skewers on Sunday.  My aunt and uncle had my sister, nephew and I for dinner in addition to her 4 boys.  We had fun playing with the boy and the dog.  

And then I woke up to snow this morning.  Will it ever be warm?

Here's hoping we get some sun this week!

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