Thursday, March 28, 2013

Gearing Up

The Twin comes home tomorrow for 10 days!  More on her soon.  She will be staying with me and we have lots planned - Girls Night In party, Easter, B-day festivities, shopping, family photo session and more.  I still have lots to do before the party on Saturday.  I won't make the list until tomorrow because lets face it nothing is going to happen until then anyway.

I need to clean up the guest room because it currently looks like this - Yikes!  This is why I need to purge from the closet.  I don't dry any of my clothes in the dryer (well undies, tees, sweats and socks) so after it comes off the rack it seems to live on the bed for a while.  I.will.break.this.habit.

I got off easy for Easter dinner this year and will be making pasta salad.  I enjoy making desserts but so does everyone else.  Last year I made these cute nests and a basket cake.  Both found on {Pinterest}.

Of course choosing what to wear for a holiday is never easy.  Pictures will be taken and you just want to look good.  Here are my current options, I think I want new shoes but I know you know you need to try one with shoes.  These pics aren't great.  Sorry iphone at night and bad lighting.  Either will need some fun jewelry and better hair (at least for the start of the day)

Lot's of pics and recaps to come!

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