Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend Fun ~ St. Patty's ♣ edition

Thanks to those of you that read my meltdown on Friday, and those that listened to me on the phone.  I appreciate the great people in my life.  I really do.

Saturday I  let myself enjoy a lazy morning.  I went shopping with my Aunt in the afternoon (more on what I got later this week).  Saturday night I went to a new place with my cousin.  I should start to number them because I have so many and I am not sure sharing everyone's names is appropriate.  His b-day is on St. Pat's so he, of course, celebrated all weekend!  We ended up at a German bar in the Northern Liberties section of Philadelphia, Frankfort Hall. The environment was fantastic.  Long cafeteria style tables, very industrial.

The outside was just as good as the inside even in the 30 degree weather.  I did not have on the right footwear so I was only out there for an about an hour.  But we played Jenga under the patio heaters as long as we could.  I met a lot of new people and just forgot about everything.    

Sunday I woke up around 8 and proceeded to stay in bed for the next 4 hours watching Law & Order.  Good ole Jack McCoy.  Sounds Irish right?  Ok, works for me.  By 1:00 I was getting texts from some other cousins - also males, as to my ETA to the pre game party before the bar.  I was not aware I needed to be anywhere by a certain time.  But I made it to his house by 2 and we were at the bar 15 minutes later.  I thought the beer would be green, but it was the same old so it was a good thing I brought a decoration for my cup!  Everyone was jealous, aren't you?

Here’s to a long life and a merry one,
 a quick death and an easy one, 
a pretty girl and an honest one, 
a cold pint — and another one

The band Blackthorn was the main event in the tent outside.  They were awesome - the mud, not so much.  But we danced and had a blast.

Yes, I wore shamrocks on my head almost all day.  But we make them look good right?  I think our photographer was a little tipsy.

My Irish Arm party.  Just a hint of green :)

I hope everyone enjoyed some kind of shenanagien yesterday or this weekend.   

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