Tuesday, March 19, 2013


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The best thing about spring is summer is right around the corner!  I can't wait for flip flips, leaves on the trees, blooming flowers, warm days and cool nights...I think I was meant to be born in a place that is warm all year long.  I'd really only miss the cold at the holidays.

I need to do some serious spring cleaning around here.  Maybe I will do that one day while the sis is in town.  I know I need to clean out my closet.  If I don't remember the last time I wore it - it's gone!  I will think about this project for the next two weeks...HA!

I will add it to my to-do list (which has only grown in the last few weeks)

  1. mini bedroom redo
  2. new dishwasher
  3. master bath floor/sink/shelves - ok this is as close to a full reno as I get
  4. repaint kitchen
  5. semi-finish basement
  6. move office to basement
  7. spring cleaning - focus on closet
No time like the present to start to tackle these!

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