Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Weekend Fun

Last weekend's recap coming to you a bit late thanks to a 3:30 am wake up call on Monday and a 4 states in 4 days tour in New England.  It is day 3 in state 3 and I can't wait to go home tomorrow!  Yes, this means my Valentine's dinner will be in an airport but nothing beats your own bed after a long week!

I was away all last week as well, which meant I worked until 10pm on Friday :( sometimes it has to be done.

Saturday I had girl time with my mom.  We went shopping and my stand out purchase was the outfit above.  Pink pants (or flaming coral as the sales associate called them) are certainly out of the box for me!  I will be taking this to NOLA next week and most likely wearing on Easter. I know it's only Ash Wednesday and I already have an outfit picked out...I'm prepared.

I updated the my chalkboard on Sunday in preparation for my family dinner.  This is one of my favorite poems by e. e. cummings.  It's become more popular after being featured in the movie In Her Shoes. 

My parents, sister, nephew and Grandmom came for dinner.  I haven't made an old people night in weeks and Gmom hadn't been to my house in a while and Mom loves a night off.  All good excuses to have everyone over for dinner.  A festive table set the scene for our pot roast and veggies dinner.  Both Mom and Dad went back for seconds so I guess it was good.

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