Sunday, February 3, 2013

Weekend Fun

The first weekend in February was a busy one.  Friday night I met my cousin and aunt at the mall for dinner and a little shopping.  I didn't get much but did end up with this candle on super clearance.  There was no sticker with the scent but I really got it for the mercury glass jar it came it.  Once the candle is done, I want to use it on my dresser to collect small trinkets.  Bonus when I got home and lit it, smells great!

Saturday morning I went to a meeting with my cousin for Team in Training.  She is signed up to participate with the program in the Nike Woman's Marathon in Washington, DC this spring.  The race is sold out and this is the first year Nike will host a women's marathon on the east coast. I am still on the fence.  Need to decide soon if I am going to commit.

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After the meeting we went to a local farmers market.  It is huge!  There were so many people, I only took a few pictures.  I need to go back and spend a day there to really see all that is there.  

 Lots of fresh veggies and meats, tons of dessert options and vendors with antiques and other home items fill the halls.

This is wine from a local winery.  How great is it that it is sold in a paint can with a spout?  I regretted not picking one up for my next party.  This will be great for summer parties.  I will def keep this in mind.  And I love that the wine is made locally.

After a visit with some family I hadn't seen in a while on Sunday afternoon.  I headed to another Aunt's house for s low key Super Bowl party.  She made a batch of her famous jambalaya, perfect for this NOLA game day.  I may have to attempt making this on my own.  So yummy!

After dinner we headed downstairs to watch the game on the big screen.  My aunt and I kept track of our favorite commercials.  I will try and post our winners tomorrow.

What were your favorite commercials?

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