Thursday, November 1, 2012


It's just the start of November, but I am thankful that my family all made it through Hurricane Sandy with minor damage.  We lost power for a bit, the longest was my 93 year old G-pop.  
He was stubborn as always (we all get that from him) and only left for dinner each night.  
Luckily, he does have a gas fireplace so he was warm while camping out for the few days. 
 His power just came back on today.

Our shore house made it through also, unscathed. 
We are less then two blocks from the bay so we were worried.  Inside was completely dry.  
I know others are not so fortunate and will be cleaning up and rebuilding for quite some time.  
My heart goes out to them.  
 Mother Nature has a way to remind you what is important.

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