Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Fun

I spent all day Saturday with my aunt, my godmother, one of my best friends.  We talk almost every day!  I am glad we have the relationship we do.  She is redoing 2 guest rooms in her house each with their own bath.

We loved this color combo at Bloomingdales.  The iphone pic just doesn't do it justice.  

After a full day of shopping, we went out to dinner.  Only thing I bought was a bathing suit, which I think is going back already.  I thought it would look better in my mirror at home. The lighting in the fitting rooms is never friendly - why is that?  Anyway, I couldn't make a decision on beer for the night so the waitress brought me all sorts of samples.  It was like a mini beer buffet!

Margarita night cap?  Yes, please!  My uncle makes THE best margaritas!  He will not share the recipe.  I did ask him if he would write it in his will, could you imagine.  It would be kinda funny.  I will get it out of him.  He always makes them down at the bar or in another room.  But they are so delicious!

Sunday was a relaxing day.  I did a little "educational" reading...haha  I don't know that I learned anything exciting.

Finished off the weekend with a simple pasta dinner and a glass of wine and of course some Bravo TV :)

Is it Friday yet??

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