Monday, December 10, 2012

Weekend Fun

This weekend went by so fast...well they all do, but this was seemed really fast.  
Friday night J and I did a little shopping followed by a movie on the couch.  
I am not sure who is going to use the Hulk stuff more...Dad or son.

Saturday morning we finished our {Pinterest} inspired chalkboards.  
Sorry no before or during project shots.  Maybe next time...  
We use {this} tutorial, but really it was very simple.  
The one on the floor is for J's mom.  Today is her birthday.  
He got fancier trim and stained it with two different colors, he was so happy with the result!

I am almost done with the decorations.  Still not tree, hopefully this week.
I used a square utility tote from thirty-one to keep as a place for my blankets to call home.
They usually end up all over the couch or chair.  
The question now is will I really fold them up every night?

It was 60 degrees here today.  
Not very Decembery, really hoping for some winter weather soon!

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