Thursday, December 13, 2012

Third Tree's a Charm

Finally got my tree up!  It's about time.  Yeah, I know.

But before we get to mine, I'd like to show you the other two trees I did this year. My G-pop (mom's dad) is going to be 93 this year!  I know, right, I can't believe it either.  For the most part he is in good health.  He still lives in the house he shared with my Grandmom.  She passed away more then 20 years ago.  I can't believe that either.  I lived with my G-pop for a few years while I was saving for my house. But even before then, I somehow ended up being the one that decorates his house for the holidays.  I must be lucky, he has 7 kids, 5 of them girls and then 21 grandchildren.  Honestly, I don't mind.  I enjoy the time with him and he always tells me stories.  Back in the day he would get a real tree.  We have since made the switch to a fake one.   But this beauty has 900 lights!  I know this because he tells me every year, oh, and it says it right on the box!  Only red balls on this guy, thats thanks to my Grandmom.  

Next up was my Grandmom (dad's mom, obviously).  She has always had a fake tree I think.  
As long as I remember it was a table top tree.  This is her second Christmas since my Grandfather passed away.   That's them in the pic above the tree, great looking couple, aren't they?   She wasn't even going to put the tree up.  I was able to convince her, thankfully.  Her tree usually had colored lights, I found out that was because of Grandpop.  So, last year for the first time, and again this year, she got clear lights on her tree.  We stuck with a simple color pallet, using ornaments she already had.   It is a little hard to tell in this picture but they are gold, cream and light pink.  A very girly tree indeed.  She's earned it!   Her family was all boys, her husband and 2 boys.   We added some gold bows and an angel on top of course.  I think she was happy when it was done,  I hope it reminds her of all the great holidays with my Grandpop.

Drum roll is mine!
This is the perfect tree for me and I knew it right when I saw her.  This is the best corner to put her so she needed to be on the skinny side.  On the down side, some of her branches are a little flimsy, but I hug the small ornaments on those.  Like my G-pop, I only use red balls and a few small silver ones.  Must be from the years of doing his tree that the red only grew on me.  The tree sits right next to the TV so now I can sit on the couch and enjoy her in all her glory!  Definitely worth the wait!

Now that you have see all three, which one is your favorite?  Do any of you have more then one tree?  I hope to have multiple, in my next house. 

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