Monday, July 9, 2012

Weekend Fun

I spent a nice long weekend in North Wildwood with my family.  I do love the Jersey Shore.  Friday morning we went for a bike ride along the boardwalk.  

Then spent the afternoon at the beach.  My new beach accessories from Thirty-One were perfect.  The cooler bag kept the water nice and cold during the hottest weekend of the year.  

Mom, Dad and I treated ourselves to a home cooked seafood dinner.  Steamers on the grill are prefect!  The lobster was for Mom because she doesn't eat the clams (she doesn't know what she's missing)

Saturday morning there was a Maritime Festival at the lighthouse.  The best part by far was this old fashioned soda stand.  You purchased the mug and could have as many refills as you wanted.  My sister and I were sure to try every flavor.

The metal mug kept the beverages nice and cold.  We used them the rest of the weekend.  

The temperature got up to 100, which is almost unheard of at the shore.  Too hot for the beach, especially with a one year old.  We set up shop in the backyard.  

The pool kept our toes cool as the little one slept.  The breeze in the shade was nice.  

This means the weekend was over.  Although I did not hit as much traffic coming home as I usually do. 

Until next weekend...

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