Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Weekend Fun ~ CT edition

I spent the weekend with Vic, my twin, in Connecticut.  She was getting ready for a 3 week trip for the Olympics!  Very cool and I will admit I am a little jealous. (just don't tell her I said that).  We did a lot of shopping, too much really. The picture below is in Stamford on our way to lunch.

This is just from day one of our shopping weekend extravaganza!  Oh boy was my bank account not happy with me...

Sunday we went to Greenwich.  It was a beautiful day to be outside rather then walking in a mall.  We did more shopping and eating. That was the theme for the weekend.  

My new obsession and favorite thing from the entire weekend - Pinkberry!  We had it twice in 4 days.  I would have went for a 3rd but Vic said no.  I'm rally bummed there is not once closer to home.  

So glad there was an easy way to get all my purchases + some stuff Vic wanted me to bring home for her.  Love the shopping carts in her building.  Smartest thing ever!

Finally got a good picture of us, and yes we are in the car. 

Thanks for a great weekend!

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