Sunday, October 20, 2013

Weekend Fun ~ BFF

Sometimes you just need a weekend with your BFF & then all things are right in the world again.  She doesn't live close enough, but 2 hours isn't that bad. I spent the weekend with my best friend from college.  (truth:  there are 4 with the title of BFF in my life)  It was a semi low key weekend but I was ok with that.  Our time together is what I was most looking forward to. At the moment we find ourselves both 32 and single...Cupid get off your ass would you.  We are waiting!  I am going to skip the play-by-play this time and just give you the pics.  Can't wait to see you again!

With a $10 donation for Breast Cancer Research we will both sport some pink locks until the end of the month.  Pretty cool.

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