Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Beach House

The Twin is coming home for the weekend!  Well not really home but home and right to the shore!  I haven't seen her since April so this will be fun.  My sisters and I were also given the green light to make some cosmetic changes to the upstairs of our duplex beach house!!  Woot woot...this will be fun.  We do have to make a plan that we agree on and have it "approved" by our parents since it is their house.  It's kind of a big deal they are going to give us some what of control.  But hey, I have done a pretty good job at my house so that's gotta give them some piece of mind.

My dad's parents bought the house more than 45 years ago for a whopping $9,000.  That is still crazy to me.  My Grandmom will tell you it came fully furnished, even canned good in the cabinets.  Our house is a block from the bay so we get to see some amazing sunsets.  My grandfather wanted to be in a quiet part of town and not near the beach because of the noise and the boardwalk.  Over the years he made lots of improvements.  I will try and get some pictures when I am there this weekend.  It's always been a duplex and for a while my grandparents rented the bottom floor out.  They always lived upstairs.       It's bittersweet to have the chance to make it ours.  My grandfather passed away a few years ago and my grandmom doesn't really enjoy it without him.  She comes with us sometimes but I can tell its just not the same.  If nothing else it was her and my grandfather that introduced me to the shore which has turned into an love affair with the beach & the ocean.

Back to the fun is some eye candy inspirations for what I would like to do.  Just have to get the others to agree!

original sources can be found on my {beach house} Pinterest board

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