Friday, November 1, 2013

Right Now

So things at work are crazy right now.  I'm not really sure why, there is just a lot going on all of a sudden.  Ugh...

Here some things that are making me smile

We get an extra hour of sleep this weekend!!  Don't forget to change your clocks!  How cute is this picture I borrowed from {7th house on the left}?

I really, really want the Buttercup blow dryer from the DryBar.  The Twin ordered this set from QVC and it just shipped today.  Maybe I will let her test it out.  I am thinking its just as much the hairdryer as the fab person using it (at the drybar) that makes it so great.  I don't know that I will make the cut as the operator. (sorry for crappy screen shot pic)

I booked a trip to Steamboat Springs over new years last night!  My aunt, uncle and cousins will be there.  Can't wait to ring in 2014 on the slopes.

image via {here}


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