Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Weekend fun ~ Halloween edition

What a great fall weekend.  I got the house all ready for Halloween.  There is something about the search for the perfect pumpkin, it is like training for finding the perfect Christmas tree!
(my apologies for the not so great iPhone photos)

These beauties came from a local stand that is set up in a shopping center parking lot.  Their prices were fantastic.

J decided to go in through the back this year rather then the normal "lid" method.  

Pumpkins = love 
Pumpkin guts = not so much

Time for the face!

This may be the best Jack O Lantern I have ever been a part of (I didn't do much, don't be fooled)

The front steps set up (the stand was part of a bird feeder I trash picked, 
I mean repurposed from my neighbor)

Who doesn't love a little Sunday shopping at Target :)

Most of my decorations came from Target and the dollar section to boot!  The dollar section is my friend.  This is my first time doing it up for Halloween, I stuck with a black and orange theme.  
I may make some tweaks between now and the end of the month. 

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