Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day

I'm stuck in Detroit airport because a delayed flight caused me to miss my connection. 
This allowed me to do some research on May Day also called International Workers Day. 
A holiday on more the 80 countries, we celebrate Labor Day in September.

Imagine living in a village surrounded by meadows. On the first of May, the girls wake at dawn to gather wildflowers in baskets to be left on doorsteps, and the boys create all sorts of mischief to disguise their awkwardness as bashful suitors. The day culminates in ritual dancing around a maypole to acknowledge and tame the high spirits brought on by the perfumed air warmed by the sun's new brightness. May Day celebrations seem to stretch back forever in time. {via Martha Stewart}

I love the idea of putting flowers or door knobs and children playing games to celebrate spring. Of course I went to {Pinterest} for some visual research.



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